Under the supervision of Dawat-e-Islami, online as well as Onsite Weekly Sunnah inspiring ijtima’at have been conducted in different areas of West and East Birmingham Kabinah. At least 538 Islamic sisters had the privilege of attending it. The female preacher of Dawat-e-Isami delivered a Sunnah inspiring Bayan on the topic “The blessings of Taburrukat (Relics)”. Moreover, she gave Islamic sister the mindset of participating in religious work and becoming the Amilaat Nayk Amaal.

*On the other hand, under the supervision of the Department of Short Courses (Islamic sisters), a short course known as “Come, lets correct our Salah (Namaz)” was conducted in North Birmingham. At least 22 Islamic sisters had the privilege of attending it and the attendees (Islamic sisters) liked the course. Moreover, they expressed their good intentions towards participating in the religious work.